Spaceship Parts

This part of the guide is still under construction follow us on Twitter (@gtaonlineguide) to be alerted when updates have been made.

Throughout San Andreas are 50 Spaceship Parts in hidden locations. You must find all of the Spaceship Parts to receive 100% completion.  When you find all the Spaceship Parts you are rewarded with the Space Docker. The Space Docker is a modified BF Dune Buggy with a futuristic engine that defies gravity and physics.  Franklin starts the mission by visiting Stranger and Freak, Omega.  Franklin must also end the mission, however, Trevor and Michael can help collect them.  When you’re near a Spaceship Part you’ll hear a buzzing sound.  If you’ve been using the Chop iFruit app, you can also have him search for collectibles.  He’ll run towards the collectible if you’re close and bark more frequently the closer he gets.

The spaceship parts guide will have a picture of each letter scrap and pictures of the letter scrap’s location on the map. There will also be a description helping you to locate the letter scrap.  The guide follows a number system for continuity, but you can collect them in any order.